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There are plenty of accommodation options, depending on what your plans are for your stay.

If you are planning to come to the Amalfi Coast for a few days only, we would recommend you stay in Ravello and simply get a taxi to and from the airport. 

If you are planning to stay a bit longer, we would recommend either staying in Ravello or the neighbouring towns such asAmalfi or Praiano, as from there you will be able to access other areas of the coast more easily. 

Our lovely wedding planners will be delighted to give you recommendations for accommodation based on your preferences and budget.

If you would prefer personal recommendations from us, we would happily stay in the following hotels, but Air B and B we are sure would have great options too!

Villa Giordano

 Sister hotel to Villa Eva, 5 mins from the venue, it has the prettiest pool. If you are driving, they also have a car park 

Villa Piedimonte

15m min walk from the venue, you can get a buggy up to the Piazza. One of the more modern hotels in Ravello.

Villa Maria

Next to our venue,  it has lovely views, sister hotel to Villa Giordano - you will need to get a buggy to Villa Giordano's pool

Maera B and B

This lovely, modern bed and breakfast is newly refurbished, whilst it doesn't have a pool , its perfect if you are planning to move to other towns in the coast after the wedding.

Hotel Bonadies and Hotel Garden have more traditional rooms but are perfect if you are planning on a flying trip!

One key tip - a lot of places on show as fully booked, this is because the hotels release rooms periodically so its best to call and book directly. 

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